Joyce Crain: Atmosphere


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Atmosphere is a public artwork commissioned by the Utah Arts Council for the Health Services/Library at the College of Eastern Utah in Blanding, Utah.  It is a creation of 6000 squares of dichroic acrylic in a rainbow of shimmering colors that reflect and refract sunlight.  It is inspired by virga, the rain that evaporates in the dry desert air before reaching the earth.

"Thrilling!  It was an experience of a lifetime to work with artist Joyce Crain and composer Mike Olson to create and perform choreography for the installation of Atmosphere.  The collaborative process stimulated me to reach further into the movement metaphors and bring them to life.  The ever changing forms, colors, and reflections inherent in Atmosphere stimulated the movement discovery processSimply being in the space that Atmosphere inhabits sparks my imagination."

Susan Gingrasso, Choreographer