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"Your work is so distinctive, so strong, fluid, changing, progressive, so

dynamic, yet solid, not fleeting, light, facile, cute. It is hard, I think, to be

contemporary and not be clever / cute / facile / light / easy – or the reverse,

morose. To just get it right while standing / living in the middle of it: to not

let it crush you, blind you, dazzle you, smoke you. To just be with it and you

and create – And you do it, which is why to me, your work is so good."

Mark Greenside, Author

Joyce Crain works with clients including designers and architects to create site-specific architectural commissions.  The focus is to create a work integrated with the architecture that sustains a lasting interest for those who use the space.

Her work has been shown in solo and invitational group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. She has created many architectural commissions and her work is in museum, public, and private collections including IBM, AT&T, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, Apple Computer, AARP, Museum of Arts and Design, Cleveland Museum of Art, UPS Worldwide Logistics, and Texas Instruments.

She has been commissioned to create works for numerous healthcare facilities such as the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, MA; the Vernon Cancer Center in Newton, MA; the Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oaks, MI; the Fairfax Hospital’s Medical Conference Center in Virginia; and the Hurston Building in Orlando. Her goal is to create meditative and reflective artworks that lift the spirits of the patients, visitors, and staff.

In addition, she has created seven large scale Art in Public Places commissions: Library/Health Services Building at the College of Eastern Utah, Phoenix Sheraton Hotel, Knoxville Convention Center, JFK Airport, Hurston Building in Orlando, and Center for the Arts in Chandler, Arizona.

Joyce Crain has received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships.

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This video is of a lecture given by Joyce Crain

about her artistic path in the fall of 2015.